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Welcome to Covina High School


6/2 Last chance to get cap & gown,
senior meeting @ 8am in the gym
senior awards @ 9am

6/3 graduation practice @ 8am
Graduation Tickets passed out after practice! 

6/5 Baccalaureate,covina methodist
church @ 5pm

6/6 Senior graduation @ 6:30pm

6/7 pick up diploma in the gym 12-1pm

6/8 9am coffee, donuts, & yearbook
signing in cafeteria

6/15 Grad Night @ disneyland

Finals: 6/6-6/8

6/6: FINALS FOR 1, 3, 4
6/7: Finals for 1, 5, 6
6/8: finals for 2, 7

Have a great week!

Innovation and Technology:


Startup Carbon Engineering has opened a prototype plant in Squamish, British Columbia, that captures carbon dioxide emissions
In 1967, archeologists discovered Akrotiri. It may be the missing city of Atlantis, as well as the origin of the modern toilet
Why cross-laminated timber might become the newest trend in urban architecture
Changing times and tastes leave little room for monolithic marble on the Mall
A new exhibition in Venice showcases how 12 teams would reinvent four sites in Detroit badly in need of facelifts

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